Cash For Gold, Silver & Platinum

Gillio Rare Coins, Fine Jewelry, & Loan has been family owned and operated since 1971. We have been serving the Santa Barbara community for over forty years, selling and buying precious metals, jewelry, gold, silver, and platinum. We will pay cash and/or company check on the spot and will pay the most money on your items. We are committed to building relationships, by getting you the most money for your goods, whether you are selling, buying, or pawning merchandise. Our number one goal is maintain these relationships we have been building for the past 40 years, so you can count on a honest and trustworthy staff.

We will buy any kind of unwanted gold, silver & platinum jewelry. Gold & silver coins, broken chains, gold watches, earrings, rings with missing stones, and even dental gold. We offer complimentary, obligation free quotes while you wait.

Why Sell to Gillio’s.

Appraisal Accuracy: In addition to the traditional ‘Acid Test’, we also use an Niton X-Ray Fluorescence Scanner that identifies the exact percentage of pure gold, silver or platinum that each item contains.

Quick and Efficient Service: We have mastered the art of precious metals buying. We are regularly complimented by clients who shop around and tell us that our transactions take just a fraction of the time than that of our competitors.

Experience: We have been in business since an ounce of gold was less than $300. We have seen it all. Unlike many other gold buyers who opened their doors in the last 5 years, we have been in the precious metals industry before it was popular.

Expertise: We are one of the few certified dealers of PCGS and NGC in the Central Coast. This is especially important when dealing with potentially rare coins that most other dealers in the area simply do not have the knowledge to properly value.

Customer Service: We pride ourselves in offering friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient customer service. Being family owned and operated, we know the importance of making our customers feel respected, heard, and taken care of. We make life long relationships, not transactions.

How It Works

  1. We test your jewelry in front of you as you wait.
  2. We weigh the item in front of you, with a legal for trade scale, which has been approved by the Departments of Weights and Measures.
  3. We calculate a purchase price for your items, based on Spot Price (current price of precious metal), Karat content, and Weight.
  4. If you accept our offer, we will pay you cash, or company check, on the spot.

XRF Metal Assaying

xrfIf you have a mysterious piece of jewelry or want to know the exact metal composition of a coin, bring it into our store and we can determine exactly what it is with the latest XRF (X‐Ray Fluorescence) Metal Assaying technology from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Contact us or come in today for more details.