We Loan on Jewelry, Watches, Diamonds & Gold Coins

Don’t want to sell your items? Need some quick cash? Gillio Coin, Jewelry & Loan will loan money on a wide variety of merchandise, including fine and antique jewelry, diamonds, Rolex, Cartier and other high end watches, gold jewelry and rare coins. We loan from $20 to $50,000.

How It Works.

After having agreed upon the value of your merchandise and the amount of the loan, the transaction process is quick and easy. No credit check or proof of employment is necessary and there will be no legal repercussions if the loan is not repaid. The legal loan period in California is 120 days, plus a 10-day grace period. Gillio’s will hold the merchandise until the interest has been repaid. Call or come in today for more details!

Why loan at Gillio’s?

Appraisal Accuracy: In addition to the traditional ‘Acid Test’, we also use an Niton X-Ray Fluorescence Scanner that identifies the exact percentage of pure gold, silver or platinum that each item contains.

Quick and Efficient Service: We have mastered the art of precious metals buying. We are regularly complimented by clients who shop around and tell us that our transactions take just a fraction of the time than that of our competitors.

Experience: We have been in business since an ounce of gold was less than $300. We have seen it all. Unlike many other gold buyers who opened their doors in the last 5 years, we have been in the precious metals industry before it was popular.

Expertise: We are one of the few certified dealers of PCGS and NGC in the Central Coast. This is especially important when dealing with potentially rare coins that most other dealers in the area simply do not have the knowledge to properly value.

Customer Service: We pride ourselves in offering friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient customer service. Being family owned and operated, we know the importance of making our customers feel respected, heard, and taken care of. We make life long relationships, not transactions.